Congratulations, you are getting married! Lots of planning, lots of details, lots of decisions to make. It's all part of creating a wonderful, memorable day for yourselves and your families and your friends. The day goes by in a blur for most couples. Try to be present in every moment of your day and to enjoy what you have worked for and dreamed of for so many months. With 17 years of wedding and event photography experience, I have learned a few things that can really help make your day (and your photos) better.

Please share this list with everyone involved in your wedding planning and Bridal Party

1. Bridal Party people: Look up as you come down the isle and try to remember to smile, this includes you, Bride and Groom!!!!

2. If you are planning to do a First Look, consider using a private spot without others in attendance. You will be less nervous and it will be about the 2 of you, which is the point, right? Brides, if you are doing a first look with your Dad, it'll be easier on him if there isn't a peanut gallery.

3. Please consider asking your guests to turn their phones and cameras and ipads OFF during the ceremony and the photo shoot after. They may want take pictures and video of whatever they want at the reception but it's hard for the Bridal Party to focus on the photographer when there are 17 other people waving their phones at them and it makes my job easier when they aren't standing in the isle, blocking my shot! This will also cut down on the amount of time it takes after the ceremony to do the formal poses :-)

4. It's normal to look at someone who is speaking to you but try to remember to hold hands and look at the person you are marrying when you say your vows. It is an amazing moment and you will want to see the love in their eyes reflected back at you!

5. If you have found awesome images for after the ceremony on Pintrest and want similar photos, send them to me ahead of time so I can put them in my phone so we don't forget them in the moment.

6. During your first dance and parent dances, don't talk during the first minute. Just let the emotion flow between you and your new spouse, your Mom and your Dad. It's a tender moment for all involved.

7. Don't worry, be happy! Sometimes the unexpected occurs. It won't ruin the day if you don't let it. (late cake, officiant forgets to show, it rains buckets, a drunk groomsman tries to spend the night with you... yes, it has happened :-0 ) Trust me when I tell you that the day will come when you both get a laugh out of whatever it is.

Thank you for choosing Photos By Ruthe as the photographer for your wedding.

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